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Full-service offerings are behind DH Hospitality’s ability to grow into a leading project-management company.
Author: Eric Slack, LHI Magazine

Serving the hospitality industry since 2005, DH Hospitality has established itself as a project management and furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) installation specialist. Focused on serving the needs of the hospitality industry, the company has worked on a variety of project sizes in many locations from start to finish.

“We are focused on project management and installation services,” President Scott Hillig says.

Full Service

Manassas, Va.- based DH Hospitality’s reputation is built on its ability to manage, maintain, and deliver project management and FF&E and operating supplies and equipment (OS&E) installation services. DH Hospitality has a diverse client portfolio that includes architectural firms, hotel brands, management companies, ownership groups, purchasing agents, resorts, country clubs, and restaurants.

“We work with clients around the country, and we provide turnkey services on all projects we handle,” Hillig says. “Wherever they award us a project, they have expectations. Our crews can execute, and that sets us apart.”

A team of crews and project managers oversees DH Hospitality’s projects. It also has the web-based DHTHRAX tracking system that provides real-time information on projects, including project schedules, product-receiving reports, project notes, and project files and photos.

“The majority of employees have at least seven-year tenures,” Hillig says. “That helps gain the confidence of our clients. Training has been key, as we’ve made sure our people are cross-trained in every facet of our business. Another advantage is the fact that we can service projects ourselves without subcontractors no matter where it is located. They know when they hire us that we manage the entire process and oversee the project ourselves.”

When the economic downturn hit in 2008 and 2009, DH Hospitality was fortunate to be working with a number of clients that were self funding their projects. This was by design, as the company aims to work with clients that are strong enough to deal with the ebbs and flows of the industry. “That way, we don’t end up having to slow down and let people go,” Hillig says. “For now, we have contracts and commitments through 2016, and we see the industry trending up for the next few years.”

Seeking Diversity

In recent years, DH Hospitality has taken a number of steps to grow beyond its original mandate. One of these areas has been focused on sustainability. Its sister company, Global Sustainability Solutions, is also located in Manassas. Global Sustainability Solutions is focused on providing industry-leading recycling solutions for appliances, carpeting, electronics, and mattresses.

“We have built relationships directly with the leading brands, helping them create sustainability programs for end-of-lifecycle products,” Hillig says. “They don’t have to send these items to landfills. We can show them how the concept of recycling and sustainabililty can be economical.”

One of the ways it can make this solution economical comes through DH Hospitality’s other sister company : DH Global Logistics. Based in Bloomfield, Colo., DH Global Logistics provides transportation, freight and warehouse management services.

“DH Global Logistics handles all of our transportation needs,” Hillig says. “The freight company allows us to bring everything full circle and control product at every step. We can handle recycling, and we can handle moving product from the manufacturer to the project site. We can offer just-in-time delivery, and we control the warehousing process.”

Each company has its own entity. But although each serves its own core clients, the support each company provides to the other cannot be underestimates. The biggest focus for the company going forward is to maintain staff and hire the right people to keep up with demand. Clients will look at price point, but DH Hospitality understands that they want a competitive price from a quality, reputable company that is trustworthy and has experience.

Growth is the goal for all three companies. In the area of sustainability, Global Sustainability Solutions is looking at opening its own recycling facilities around the country. In transportation, DH Global Logistics is working with clients and partners to find the most cost-effective ways to serve clients on time and on budget.

“Over the last few years, we’ve focused on making sure we don’t overpromise,” Hillig says. “We tell clients what we can do and give them accurate timeframes. If you are true with them, they will stay with you.”