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As seen in Hotel Management Magazine.

What can be recycled during a hotel renovation?


As long as a secondary market can be found for the re-purposed items there are numerous things that can be recycled. For instance, the mattresses and box springs components are used for other industries in the manufacture of their product such as oil spill containment cloth or casket stuffi ng. Additionally there are specialized companies that are re-purposing items such as used soaps to be cleaned and re-extruded into new soap and sent to third-world countries assisting them with their health and sanitary initiatives.

Where can hotels take renovation waste to recycle it?
Most often they hire a specialized company to handle both the removal and replacement of large bulky items mentioned above. For the smaller items, they can contact their local recycling centers to pick up or drop off items but they will incur fees they may not be aware of.


When hotels are looking at Construction companies to consider for a renovation are there some that specialize in recycling the renovation waste?
The concept of recycling really hasn’t trickled down to the General Contractors’ doing it on their own unless it is mandated by the Owner.


On average how much can hotels recycle during a renovation?
It depends on what is being replaced during the renovation. Case goods can be reused by non-profi ts, and the items removed and replaced can be re-purposed into other industry goods.


Are there more hotels that are adopting this method, or is it still a relatively unknown thing?
More hotel brands are focusing on their environmental initiatives for hotel owners and franchisees to participate. This is the right thing to do since the industry replaces and remodels on a regular basis.


Does recycling renovation waste cost more than if the waste was just disposed of?
It typically costs less. For instance, mattress sets on average cost around $ 50 per set to landfi ll, yet to recycle, is roughly half that cost. So why wouldn’t a hotel owner want to recycle verses paying tipping fees to landfi lls?


How can hotels go about adopting this type of program?
Check with their Corporate Brands Sustainability Departments to get updated environmental initiatives for their brand. Most have incentives for the general manager’s, to participate in the programs or have online ways to track what they are actually diverting from landfi lls. Hilton Worldwide is a good example for this initiative.