Mattress Recycling

One of the biggest challenges for hotels trying to reduce waste is the disposal of mattresses that have reached the end of life.


Rather than being diverted to a landfill, approximately 95 percent of the mattresses and box springs components will be recycled into various products, including:

  • Steel Springs: Tools, Automobiles, Construction Materials
  • Wood: Tempered Flooring, Particle Board Shelving and a variety of Pressed Wood Products
  • Cotton Fibers: Oil Filters, Mats and Stuffing
  • Foam: Carpet Padding

GSS removes existing mattresses and installs new mattresses to make sure it’s business as usual and hotel operations are not affected by the replacement program. Further, GSS ensures all components of the mattress and box springs are being recycled, not resold or recovered, by requiring the recycling centers to provide certificates of recycling efforts.