GSS provides recycling and installation services for mattresses and box springs, TV’s, small appliances and carpet.

Mattress Recycling

One of the biggest challenges for hotels trying to reduce waste is the disposal of mattresses that have reached the end of life. Rather than being diverted to a landfill, approximately 95 percent of the mattresses and box springs components will be recycled into various products.

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TV’s & Small Appliances

We simply cannot ignore TV recycling any longer. Only 18% of discarded TV’s are currently being recycled. Consumer electronics are the fastest growing waste streams in the world. As the largest contributor to the ever-rising problem of e-waste, one single TV contains between 2-8 lbs. of lead.

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Carpet and Pad

It is estimated that over 5 billion pounds of carpet is sent to the landfill annually which gets buried deep into the earth, sitting there for years before it decomposes.

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