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We simply cannot ignore TV recycling any longer.Only 18% of discarded TV’s are currently being recycled. Consumer electronics are the fastest growing waste streams in the world. As the largest contributor to the ever-rising problem of e-waste, one single TV contains between 2-8 lbs. of lead.


POLLUTION – Toxic substances contained in electronic products, such as TV sets, can pose threats to human and environmental health after being sent to landfills. Components and chemicals within these products can leak out causing soil and water pollution. Harmful materials include lead, chromium, mercury and polybrominated flame retardants.


RESOURCES – TV’s contain valuable and reusable materials as well. Plastic, scrap metal, including copper and gold, glass and many other materials can be salvaged and resold for the manufacture of other products.


Our recyclers deconstruct each set individually and forward materials on to be used in new electronics. Because of this type of recycling, you are helping to provide jobs for US citizens because the electronics have to be dismantled by hand and this requires workers.



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